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Embracing lessons every garden season

We didn’t plant a blueberry bush.

We already had a blackberry bush, which we revived from last summer. Its leaves filled in very lush, and only last month we picked a spot in a gated edibles garden to plant it into the soil. This is after indoor pink light (therapies) brought a few samples to fruition. These first were extremely sour but some ripening longer in the sun took on a sweeter taste. Weeks later, the sun began drying the leaves. We realized it needed more of a plan.

We’d gated an area for edibles because there is often an abundance of deer here, and it might take only a visit or two to set back a full season of developments. That’s a whole other summer. Notably, our gardening is nothing remotely near homesteading. Edibles are not a major aspect of it.

So our fenced area especially designates that plantings are not meant to entice deer or rabbits. Who knew? Meanwhile, strawberries were typically a deal across grocers this summer, despite some of the worst inflation otherwise, so we ate them constantly this summer start to finish. The most ultimate summer realization: how happy we are with frozen blueberries. To get flavorful selections readily from our home freezer, avoiding battles with the birds, squirrels and whichever ratty netting contraptions, surfaced an unrequitable affinity for several of the frozen food sections we frequent.

The frozen blueberries are only recently topped by frozen cherries, which our youngest likes most of all. This does not change the intrigue of blueberry harvesting, especially as highlighted here by Food Insider, visiting an Organic Blueberry Farm in Maine. It all oddly reminds me to find out more about wrapping fig trees to overwinter in our zone 7a…

Broadleaf sage (salvia officinalis) was a surprising solution to several garden bed issues this year. The solution actually seeded last year, when it first thrived among several herbs sown in a 3 part container, with multiple sage flourishes outlasting our zone 7A winter and ready to transplant across garden beds.

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An effortless all-natural pesticide and larger repellent. More about culinary sage here.
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We feel good about our frozen blueberries