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Life seems to get confusing, as often as it can. So much online content has come to my rescue time and again. Find a good medley here.

Joy for kids

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Connecting with our kids can matter tremendously, and the connections they make all around them can create the biggest impressions of all.


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The pandemic heightened gardening interests for many Americans. Both indoors and outdoors, I found myself immersed in the lures and labors.

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Healthy doses

Screen time has presented steady concerns for technology users amid record advances in media and devices, not to mention for parents of newer technology users thrown into these mixes of milestones. With so much to glean about the landscape, opportunities, dangers, and management challenges, it’s become an essential conversation for wellbeing and family life. That has not meant the conversations are always easy to approach or address. It has meant more emphasis on healthy communications.

Keeping the balance.

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Ceaseless ideas

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Printable aids

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Current events